Daviess County Rejects National Salvage Plant Over Creosote Fears

Washington, Indiana - November 12, 2105. Daviess County Commission today unanimously rejected a request by National Salvage for a zoning change needed for a proposed railroad tie plant near Odon, Indiana, according to a Washington Times-Herald report.

Commissioners cited public opposition from local citizens concerned by the potential danger posed by creosote. According to the Times-Herald:

The proposed project was widely opposed in the area. About 80 people turned out at the meeting with about a dozen people speaking. Many of those were against the project. LeRoy Wadsworth was one of them. “I live about one mile east of there,” he said. “We are talking about bringing something into this community that we don’t need. It sounds safe, but I would urge you to vote no.”

Elizabeth Schaffer, another neighbor who is a cancer survivor pointed to the problems created by creosote, a key chemical used in the process of making railroad ties. “These chemicals are carcinogens,” she said. “A vote ‘yes’ is you saying you are OK with increasing my chances and anyone’s chances in northeastern Daviess County of getting cancer.”

Dan Cabel represented a group called Citizens for a Safe Northeastern Daviess County. He presented a petition with 672 signatures opposed to changing the zoning. “This business is not in the interest of our community,” he said. “Ninety-four percent of the people we asked were against this plant.”