National Salvage Cited for Improper Asbestos Handling

Kenton, OH - August 25, 2011. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency today issued a Notice of Violation to demolition contractor National Salvage for improper handling of asbestos during an abatement and demolition project in Kenton, Ohio.

The letter, addressed to Mr. Curtis Schopp, indicated that National Salvage was cited for "discharging visible emissions to the outside air during the collection, processing, packaging, transporting, or deposition of any asbestos containing waste material" in violation of OAC Rule 3745-20-05(B).

The notice indicates that an inspection by Ohio EPA discovered a pile of friable roofing material that was being handled improperly and discharging "visible emissions".

Asbestos is defined as Class 9 Hazardous Material by the U.S. Department of Transportation and prolonged exposure can create serious health risks for workers and the general public.

National Salvage & Service Corporation and sister firm National Environmental Services Corporation were created when Bloomington, Indiana-based Midwest Railroad Tie Sales split into two companies and expanded into demolition into environmental remediation, according to the National Salvage website.

Victoria and Curtis Schopp serve as President and Vice-President of both companies according to the Indiana Secretary of State listings for National Salvage & Service Corporation and National Environmental Services Corporation.

Read the full Notice of Violation below: