Nat'l Environmental Services Sets Fire to Stadium Roof (Indianapolis Star)

Indianapolis, IN - May 15, 2001. The Indianapolis Star reported today that a demolition crew employed by National Environmental Services Corporation set fire to the roof of Indianapolis's Market Square Arena when welding torches set fire to the building's insulation. 

Read an excerpt from the story below:

Indianapolis Star: Arena roof-razers start fire instead

A demolition crew using a torch to cut through a steel wall at Market Square Arena accidentally started a fire Monday morning that sent thick black smoke streaming from the Downtown arena.

Although there were no initial indications of negligence on the part of workers, Fred Glass, president of the Capital Improvement Board, MSA's landlord, said he'll ask for a report on whether all laws, regulations and contract terms were being followed.

The fire started about 9 a.m. as workers employed by National Environmental Services Corp. of Bloomington, Ind., used welding torches to cut through metal along the southeast edge of the roof.

Workers didn't realize that insulation inside the steel wall they were cutting had a layer of paper. The paper caught fire, and the flames ran along the rim of the dome to a rubber gutter that also runs along the dome's rim. The rubber caught fire, creating the black plumes of smoke that could be seen for miles.